Isabella Pommells

Meditation Stool

Class of: 2027

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Wood Sculpture/Furniture

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: Over the course of the next four weeks, students will create a 3D object or artifact that showcases their connection to their identified community, personal beliefs, or personality. The item may be a sculpture or a functional object/tool and should express their feelings of belonging to a particular community of their choosing. Students will explore the reasons behind their sense of connection and how it is demonstrated in their creation.

The framework of this assignment is based in community; how it impacts us and how it has formed who we are today. When we look across different communities, we see how organisms have instinctually collected themselves based on shared similarities. These groupings become more specific when you begin to delve into age, gender and other defining characteristics. For my project I wanted to focus on the meditation/spirituality community and how it interconnects with nature. Personally, meditation is a way that I have been able to come into my oneness while also connecting with others. Meditation/spirituality is particularly special because it can be practiced by anyone regardless of religion, race, location etc. Also, spirituality can be interpreted in many different ways, allowing room for an abundance of perspectives and knowledge. Within my designs I wanted to emphasize the importance of nature by utilizing sustainable materials and recycling pre-used wood. This assignment allowed me to become familiar with different furniture design tactics such as utilizing hinges and the woodshop to support my design. I think the photographs really help push my aesthetic concept with the hints of spiritual trinkets and rising smoke. In all, the physical design matched with the photographs work together in narrating a visual story for the viewers.