Isabella Pommells

Colors and Convergence: Green

Class of: 2027

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Paper

Faculty: Emma Bowen

Prompt: Explore the idea that our cultural background plays importance on our notion of identity. Discover / identify the points of Convergence, Divergence and Interplay.

For this assignment we were allowed to read outside the lines a bit and choose a color that we identified not only with our culture but our childhood, a past memory or some other significant event that resonated with us. For my piece, I focused on how the color green affected my past and carried me into the present. Prompted by research, I emphasized the interconnection of the color green and nature and how it promotes spirituality and connection to the universe. I also utilized word choice/imagery to engage the reader, encouraging imaginative and fantastical thinking. In all, Colors and Convergence: Green is a piece rooted in the spiritual relationships within ourselves and the natural world.