Bettina Ulivi Azpurua


Class of: 2022

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Mixed media

Faculty: Barbara Pohl

Prompt: Create a piece with mapping strategies that reference ideas of time and embodiment.

Ages ago women were obedient to men. Over time, women have been empowering themselves by demanding respect from others, especially men. An older woman is drawn to portray the society during the time she has been alive, representing all the difficult moments and experiences when women were mistreated. This “empowerment” is my interpretation and concept of embodiment. For the rollers in the her hair, I decided to create a collage of beauty cosmetic pictures as a metaphor, to capture the idea of confidence – exploring how confidence is an important aspect in our lives, since it’s what makes us feel complete and better. If we are not confident to whom we truly are, we don’t respect ourselves. If we don’t have respect for ourselves, who will? The text on her stomach acts like a tattoo, a mark on the skin formerly seen as marginality. The word “POWER” becomes relevant in this piece because it’s shown in a way of rebellion to the certain archetype or behavior pattern people had toward women.