Brenda Chavez


Class of: 2022

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Wire and tracing paper

Faculty: Peter Mallo

Prompt: Beginning with orthographic and contour drawings, we had to investigate organic architecture that incorporates structure with movement. Then we had to make wire-form sculptures, first using contour, then projection, and finally imagination. for covering we could have used any fabric or paper we wanted. Lastly, we were supposed to photoshop our work to make it feel like it was in an actual space.

The Cloud is meant to be an open space architectural building located in an open field. The Cloud is meant to look as light as possible, in weight, but yet be grounded. it also has a peculiar feeling in the placement. Even though we had to use wire, I used that to my advantage to create a cloud; something that is so light and still makes it feel like it’s heavy. I wanted to cover certain sections, so sunlight can come through the opening of the Cloud. I wanted to mimic a cloudy day that still has an opening where the light goes through.