Brooke Roff


Class of: 2025

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Mixed Media

Faculty: John Jerard

Prompt: The assignment was to create an object out of wire and then to create a presentation set to display it in.

My intention with this project was to create an object out of wire that could actually be used. For this I chose to create a larger wire sculpture of my eyeglasses I use for everyday classes. I created these glasses out of 16 gauge wire and 20 gauge wire completing a larger pair of wearable glasses with smaller bindings to hold them together, it also included hinges made of wire on the ends to make them wearable. When thinking of a display idea, I immediately thought of the action of going to the optometrist to try on pairs of glasses. When thinking about this, I wanted to try to make something that would alter the sense of reality we face when trying on different pairs of glasses to enhance a new version of ourselves. I wanted to make this display showed that feeling we get when trying on new things except change the eyes and the glasses. So in this display you would be trying different eyeballs on instead of different glasses. This way it is completely altering the way we see the action of wearing glasses. I also included a backdrop mimicking the mirror we use to try on different things.