Caitlyn Lim

humpty dumpty

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Multiple Media : Pure white art board, 16’’x20’’ 1/2’’ frosted binder folder, 24 gauge — steel galvanised wire

Faculty: Micki Watanabe Spiller

Prompt: We were challenged to construct a carrying case to house an object we selected. We used different research methods to conceptualise our work to create context and relate it back to the historical background of design. From creating the initial orthographic projection to finalising the design and form, we were able to explore different modes of making as well as experiment with different materials and their structures.

Inspired by the Faberg  Eggs as well as the modern minaudière clutch as an example of how aesthetic design need not follow its functionality, I wanted to play with the idea of a protective vessel to house my object. Using the visual of an egg, it becomes ironic and creates a sense of light-hearted humour with its presentiment that eggs are something that is fragile and insubstantial. The object I selected was a dropper bottle that had spilt during the process of moving to New York, thus wanting to experiment on how to provide a solution for that problem. For the final model, I decided to use frosted plastic, similar to the frosted glass of the original bottle, to create a cohesive visual language. The frosted plastic also shows a ghost of the internal structure which illustrate how the model was constructed, giving it character with the additional feature that can be seen. I decided to use a 24 gauge wire to stitch the pieces together over fishing wire or floss as I feel that it adds an additional feature to the edges, similar to the detailing of the Faberg  eggs, by giving the model a contrasting colour and texture.