Celeste Cisneros

The Elysian Fields

Class of: 2028

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Colored Pencil and Gouache Paint

Faculty: Warren Bradley

Prompt: This was the final project assignment for Drawing: Form and Fashion. The prompt was to create the best illustration you can make with different fashion figures in the piece. The emphasis is on different angles of the fashion figures, and the overall composition.

My project is based upon “The Elysian Fields” a place in traditional mythology where good souls go after death. I wanted to portray this elusive and ephemeral feeling in my piece, where these three women are unattainable and magical. They exist here in this field, but nowhere else in time and space. My two full body fashion figures are dressed in John Galliano, one with my own added fairy wings. My inspirations were Galliano, Bjork, Elusin, Greek mythology, and the Bible.