Charis Pao

Conservation Conversations

Class of: 2027

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Paper, bookmaking

Faculty: Amy Finkel

Prompt: The Bridge 4 Project is about a research informed piece in any medium.

A series of illustrated books that revolve around five select endangered species from five respective biomes – the Monarch Butterfly, the Whale Shark, the Polar Bear, the African Savanna Elephant and the Slender-horned Gazelle. The concept was to create small booklets that are both interactive and educational, suitable for a range of ages to read. Connected to my research topic regarding biodiversity loss within my Seminar piece, I felt this Studio project was crucial to the overall climate change discourse and how endangered species are being affected in ways we may not realise. Each book is designed to reflect the animal and their habitat through colour schemes and illustrated content, bound using different bookbinding techniques so that the experience of reading each one is different. The books were designed using a mixture of softwares, Adobe InDesign and Illustrator as well as Procreate for the illustrated elements. The series of books are tied together through a similar use of colour, material and typography. Every book is printed using inkjet printers for a high quality finish.