Christine Chang

Wire Headphone

Class of: 2025

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Wire

Faculty: John Jerard

Prompt: Use wire to create an object of your choice.

The wire object that I decided to do was a headphone. I am inspired to use headphones as my object because I love to listen to music. I do everything with music on, when I’m doing my homework, I will play some music in the background. When I’m walking on the street, I will have headphones on. I realized that I could not do things without music now. Especially when the technology is so advanced now, the headphones have noise-canceling technology built in to block out the outside sound. As for how the headphone is blocking sound from the outside, it isolates yourself from the outside world. People are kind of in their own world when they have headphones on. That’s why I have the idea of painting the head in the middle in 3D and with color but other with only 2D and in black and white. When people have their music on, they won’t really notice the outside world anymore; everyone else becomes “a person who just passed by.” I designed every part of the wired headphone with the least possible wire. The headband and ear cups are all made of 1 wire. The ear cup part is movable and extendable.