Cleo Arco

On & On

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Digital drawing

Faculty: Casey Haymes

Prompt: For the weekly journal entry assignment, we wrote a paragraph of any size that has observations on assigned topics. For this last journal entry, we focused our observations on shift(s) we’ve noticed about ourselves as a creative thinker/writer this semester and were encouraged to express the observations in any visual medium.

For this assignment, I specifically focused on the shift that I’ve experienced as I took Seminar. Through the course, I learned how to communicate my idea through creative writing effectively. I was also encouraged to give and receive feedback to improve my writing. From my peers and professor’s feedback, I realized that clarity is the main thing I need to work on.

This digital drawing of five characters of myself depicts the process of revising and editing. The character sitting on the floor represents a first draft or a sketch. The one sitting on the stool adds details to the painting to enhance clarity. The main inspiration for this character’s posture and the uniform was inspired by Norman Rockwell’s Triple Self-Portrait, as the drawing portrays me. Also, the character literally paints herself. Another character taking a brick out of the mural indicates removing unnecessary parts of a work. The other two characters observing the entire process represent feedback from myself and others. Altogether, the characters express the continuous process of improving writing.

The design of the character was created about three years ago as part of the personal project named “Michelleistired.” The half-closed eyes represent me and my personality, which is dreamy and tired. This drawing depicts not only the shift in the process of revising, but also the shift within myself as a writer.

This assignment was an enjoyable experience as it allowed me to contemplate things that I would not have easily notice if I hadn’t observed. I’m also willing to transfer this work into other media such as mural in the future.