Dalya Inan

Comfort Zone

Class of: 2025

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Cheon Pyo Lee

Prompt: For the 'Friend of Fear' assignment, I was asked to work with one of my friends to explore the act of translating. After a writing exercise from Seminar class and an in-depth conversation with my partner about her fears, I had to represent my partner's fear with a 2-minute long video.

The piece ‘Comfort Zone’ is created with an intention to reflect my friend’s fear about having to go through the process of getting out of her comfort zone. We humans can create a safe place comfortably and patiently. However, whenever the comfort zone gets destroyed, it leaves behind feelings of panic, desperation, and fear. Even though the process is painful, human nature finds ways to overcome the difficulties and build a new comfort zone. Writing exercises from seminar class and in-depth discussion with my peer helped me translate my friend’s fear within the creating process. Even though, at first, it was challenging for me to come up with an appropriate response to her fear, communicating opened up new areas for me to explore. Not only I was able to look from a different perspective, but more importantly, I was making correlations with my own life. It was an important reminder for me that we humans interconnect.