Daniela Contreras

Alone, Together.

Class of: 2023

Major: Architectural Design BFA

Medium: Digital model

Faculty: José DeJesús

Prompt: The prompt for this project was to create a seating device that interacted with the idea of social space.

Alone, Together is an architectural installation meant to spark a conversation about the meaning of connection and intimacy. The installation consists of three modules, each accommodates one person in the carved out portion of the module. All of the carved portions are in the form of a topographic map of a body in an intimate position. The positioning of the modules and the maps follows the quintessential renaissance compositional device, which assures a perfect balance between all parts and in this case, equal visual access from one module to the next. The user is meant to be one with the piece and be fully immersed in the touch and feel of the seating device. The material of the modules is a porous wood that is accomplished through several carving techniques. The material allows for the easy travel of sound and vibrations created by simply talking. There are two arches that release scents that embody the feeling of comfort. The distance between modules forces the users to be alone, sectioned off into their own modules. However, the active involvement of four senses while in the presence of other individuals stimulates a sense of togetherness. The user is stimulated by the scents descending from the beams, they have two other individuals placed within their visual field and can not only hear but feel the other individual’s presence. This architectural installation is meant to place new constraints on our ideas of physical connection and intimacy, forcing us to find different ways to connect. This installation encourages the users to explore the state of being Alone, Together.