Danni Gomez


Class of: 2021

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Plaster

Faculty: Carolyn Salas

Prompt: For this project, we were given the task to create a body hybrid using life casting. We were to consider the ways to use plaster in all its forms, as well as the use of molding and casting as a whole and through this, find meaning in our sculptures and reasoning for our creative process.

Whilst creating this hybrid piece, I had the simple intention of combining two or more body parts to create a hybrid sculpture. Through the experimenting process and drawing out ideas, I found myself covering the eyes of a face with hands/fingers. The sketches spoke to me in a way where I felt it was somewhat relatable, so I took the piece of and created it as a sculpture. To give it a base, I added more plaster in a box and when smoothing it out, I decided to attack the plaster with fingers, spreading the material out in waves.

The narrative of the piece came when I started painting the sculpture and decided that the waves had to appear as real waves and that the face and hands should also look real, like my own face and hands. The piece gave me an overwhelming feeling, this visual of being pulled down into water, drowning, and holding yourself back. The piece spoke to the struggles that students face everyday of workload, peer pressure, and self depreciation. It is up to the viewer to see the piece and relate to it in a way where they can then reflect on their own struggles, and possibly open their eyes to a struggle they’ve always had but never properly noticed.