Dianer Jia

The Bauhaus Place Setting

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: A combination of multiple media

Faculty: Aaron Krach

Prompt: Research a style and redesign a place setting to represent your taste and values. You will base the new set and place setting on the style you chose.

First, I made two sketches, marked the functions and colors, then I used paper plate and plastic for simple assembly. The most typical features of Bauhaus style are the use of red, yellow and blue, the use of geometric figures, and pragmatism. So in my works, I paid more attention to the functional design, and I used red, yellow and blue three colors simply as the appearance design. My design is to move a quarter of the plate to the top, and then use the plate as the cover, and put a similar cup or bowl under it, which can be used to hold drinks or soup. The plate serves as a lid to store the temperature well. A cup or bowl is also embedded in the middle of the plate. The two devices have a high degree of freedom and can be used differently according to different foods. At the same time, both devices can be taken out, and the plate can be put back in its original position. Instead of knife and fork, I chose chopsticks. Spoons and chopsticks are highly used in my life. I mainly design spoons and chopsticks in red, yellow and blue. The yellow ball part is made of some soft materials such as rubber, which makes eating more comfortable.