Doris Yih

Break of the Cocoon

Class of: 2025

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Lighting sculpture

Faculty: Aviva Shulem

Prompt: Students will develop a 3D object/artifact during the next five weeks, which demonstrates its connection to the community you identify with or define you, your belief, your personality, etc. The item can be a sculpture, a functional object/tool, etc.

The main concept of this light is inspired by the immigrants of New York City who live in small apartments. Most of the people coming to the city have their unique dreams. Living in a small apartment is just a process to their success so I used the idea of a cocoon in which the insect lives in small spaces and later becomes mature and beautiful like butterflies. I left a small opening at the bottom of the light since I believe that people will eventually achieve their goal just like a caterpillar breaking the cocoon and becomes beautiful butterflies. I hope this design can encourage the people who are on their way to their dreams to keep believing what they believe and remind them of the idea of breaking a cocoon. By breaking the cocoon, it means people who are clear with their target will eventually succeed.