Dylan Wang


Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Paper

Faculty: Aviva Maya Shulem

Prompt: Use paper to create a wearable garment.

In my wearable design, I mainly used paper folding to complete the entire work. Compared with other students’ works (laser cutting), all parts of my work were completed with my hands. This inspiration comes from my childhood when, after folding a few times, the origami would become very hard and thus have the basic strength as a skeleton. When I was designing this dress, what bothered me most was the geometric problem, which involves many aspects of mathematics and physics. My work has a complex structure, so it is difficult to keep it symmetrical. I tried countless methods, and a lot of samples were made to get the final symmetrical finished product. In the middle of each origami, I used paper fasteners to connect each piece of them, and for some of the thicker parts, I hand sew them, especially on the shoulders. I designed many layers. The purpose is to let your shoulders bear the maximum weight to ensure they are not damaged. This is my first time using paper to make clothes, and I really enjoy the fun it brings me. I feel like I am creating a high-end work. I want to express the concept of sustainable and environmentally friendly development through this work. Paper, as one of the most common items in life, is often ignored for its potential. As long as it is properly transformed and utilized, I believe paper clothing has great potential. At the same time, part of my theme is inspired by hedgehogs. When a hedgehog is in a relaxed state, its hair is soft, and when it senses danger, its hair will become like spikes. This is what I did. Like the work, it represents a symbol of self-protection.