Prompt: Time can be measured through the body in a number of ways: our kinetic movements, our physical aging, the performance of our everyday actions, and our changing outward personal style. Explore aspects of performance, ritual, identity, and live art, as expressed through the physical body and the impact it has on the space around it.

For my last Time project, I decided to deal with the pomegranate as a starting point for the piece. The pomegranate is an object charged with symbolism and cultural meaning, from Greek mythology to Judaism. In my piece, the pomegranate is an allegory for the creative process and my personal creative experience. In Israel, where I grow up, pomegranate and grenade share same word: “Rimon”. I found it interesting that those two objects share the same letters; the pomegranate on the one hand, stands for fertility, creativity, knowledge, passion life and new beginnings. Whereas, the grenade is an object with tragic associations like death and violence. This duality captures the core of the Israeli culture, living and creating from this complex environment, where war and violence are a mundane issue.