Ella Simmons

Warm Body

Class of: 2023

Major: Photography BFA

Medium: Digital book

Faculty: Daina Mattis

Prompt: Each student will receive a digital folder containing 60 photos another student took. From this contribution/content each student will curate, edit, manipulate, and create a layout that communicates a visual narrative. Consider the prior exercise of overlap, transparency, framing, scale, proximity, and limitations and how those can be effectively applied and relatively significant in the entire layout, subject, and content.

The first steps I took for this assignment was making a physical zine-style book made of magazine clippings. I cut out three-inch squares from one spot in a magazine, and I found the most cohesive pieces and put them into three layouts. I wanted to combine a warm color palette with different parts of the body and use yellow clear material to make all the layouts cohesive. I then moved on to making a digital version in InDesign. I took photos from my classmate Tracy and found a good selection of photos with warm undertones, and then also some portraits. I was really happy with my concept for the zine, so I began this book with the same idea of using warm oranges and yellows with different parts of the face and body. I really this project as a whole because it got me really inspired to create and make something interesting from something that wasn’t mine, to begin with. I also like how the analog and digital steps in this project have gone hand in hand for me, and have been a great beginning to this project.