Ema Capilla


Class of: 2025

Major: Interior Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture: paper fasteners, sculpting mesh, music wire

Faculty: Carol Peligan

Prompt: We were prompted to create an extended body part, with the material and approach of our choice.

I chose to extend the shoulders, one of the power signifiers of the human body. The intention of the piece is for it to simultaneously communicate power and timelessness by transcending the material. I individually manipulated brass paper fasteners to create chains, which I later used to connect the shoulder pads. I constructed the pads with wire mesh, which I molded to comfortably  t my shoulders. I then pierced the mesh with individually folded and stretched paper fasteners, slowly layering them upwards. Finally, I attached a metal hoop on each pad, allowing the piece to be easily hung. The piece is hung on a single piece of music wire, its weight creates a curvilinear line that compliments the roundness of the shoulder pads. The repetition and interlocking of the paper fasteners allowed me to transcend and elevate the otherwise humble material, therefore satisfying my intent as the artist.