Ema Capilla

Don't Over Think

Class of: 2025

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Paper, colored pencils, ink

Faculty: Aaron Krach

Prompt: We were asked to create a piece, using text as the main visual focus, that represents our current state of mind.

My piece, Don’t Over Think, is a culmination of seemingly ‘unrelated’ words and images which I was asked to put together in order to create a depiction of how I feel. The stylistic route I took, fragmenting the image of the orchid in an almost cubist manner, is a very accurate representation of my feeling of self. I have been not only incredibly interested in cubist techniques lately but also the actual fragmentation of the orchid, which, to me, allows for the viewer to interpret the multi-faceted nature of what it is to feel. There is not one day in which I am just sad, or just happy. My days for the past two weeks have been filled with loneliness, sadness, excitement, curiosity, and fear. To me, the orchid is the most complex and equally delicate living being. I too, feel complex and delicate both emotionally and physically. The large text over the piece spells out ‘Don’t Over Think’. This is the most valuable piece of advice I could give myself, yet I never really take it. The piece is clear in that sense, the image is overthinking itself and the typography is avising it against it.