Emma Flaire

Place of Meeting

Class of: 2024

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Paper, Ink, Charcoal, Graphite

Faculty: Kate Harding

Prompt: We began creating a Diptych illustrating two contrasting emotions or states then expanded on our piece to create a tryptic that included a place of meeting between the two distinct emotions. We were encouraged to use charcoal, collage, ink, and pencil.

For my pieces I wanted to explore the contrast and interaction between the feelings of being conned and released. For transforming this piece into a triptych I wanted to explore how the two emotions could transition. I wanted to carry some of the geometric elements and darker values over but also experiment with negative space and lighter more uid linework to carry over the feelings from released. The center panel really transformed the pieces from two opposites to a more uid representation of the changes happening throughout life. I feel it adds so much to the piece because it further develops the concept by showing how the change can be subtle but also a substantial shift. I think having a place that not only represents moving from conned to released but also having elements of each in the same panel helps further explore the concepts. I’ve had times where I felt conned but had outlets within that where I could feel released so I feel having a place where the two emotions are interacting is important. I chose the emotions because I felt they resonated with me most at this time in my life. The city has opened me up so much and I feel I have boundless room to grow. I have never felt so humbled, grounded, and inspired to be somewhere and I look forward to continuing to explore my time without connes.