Ethan Hwang


Class of: 2025

Major: Interior Design BFA

Medium: Wire Sculpture

Faculty: Alison McNulty

Prompt: Representational Wire Sculpture: Construct a 1:1 scale representational wire sculpture of the chosen cultural object with accurate proportions using drawing plan and object as guides.

Shoes were one of the fascinating cultures I accepted when I first encountered Western Culture. In Korea, or Asia, where I grew up, we usually don’t wear shoes inside the house. When we look at the structure of apartments or houses in Korea, there is the main gate connected to the outside, and there is another front door that connects to the inside of the house. Typically, most places take off their shoes between these two doors and live barefoot. For this reason, I thought the shoe was very meaningful to me. The reason I chose these shoes is that they are the first shoes I invested a lot in for myself. Since I was young, I have been much shorter than my friends, and I bought high-heeled shoes to hide my complex a little. Also, there are many details hidden in these shoes. Of course, it would have been cool to make other shoes with wires; however, I thought the shoes I chose would be more remarkable because they were bent and had many beautiful curves rather than straight lines. When connecting wires, I coil-wound and tied the other wires to make them look neatest. The thinnest and softest copper wire was used to wind the coil easily. In addition, thick wires were used for the outsole for the stability of the work, and thin, bendable wires were used for the upper part to express the texture of the fabric as much as possible. Finally, I didn’t use any other linear material besides wire.