Eva Cass

Origami Briefcase

Class of: 2022

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: faux leather, brass hardware

Faculty: Karelyn Siegler

Prompt: In this project, we fully realized an accessory inspired by the borrowed system of origami. We went through the entire ideation to realization process, from sketches, to prototyping and creating the finished product. The project was finalized with a large presentation of a fashion booklet, outlining the creation process as well as explaining target audiences and impact.

My piece was inspired by the folding patterns, shapes, and forms of origami. Through the process of learning origami, I was able to discover new ways to manipulate a flat plane into many different forms, and that inspired my accessory process. My creative intention was to create a briefcase for the modern woman, and my target audience were young professionals. Making my accessory was a laborious process, but taking an idea from a sketch on paper to a fully realized form, and spending a semester prototyping, rethinking, and ultimately completing my handbag was intensely rewarding. The process of creating my fashion brochure that documented my accessory was also an important element of the project, and how my words and photography would be used to convey the theme and goals of my product to the target audience. Being able to speak on your work and present a product in a professional, concise, and deliberate manner was an essential skill that I learned from this project.