Fiona Chen

COMMUNITY - Quilt Patch Assignment-

Class of: 2026

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Embroidery, beading

Faculty: Danielle Pomorski

Prompt: COMMUNITY - Quilt Patch Assignment- Think about communities that you are a part of, communities you either grew up in, or have grown into. Communities that you engage with, contribute to, and get support from. Communities help teach us all how to treat one another with respect, empathy, care, and kindness. communities teach us skills, they teach us about the world around us, how to protect ourselves and others, how to make something, how to research something, they teach us who is safe, and who to be careful around, they teach us so much about the world, and in return we participate with what we have to offer. (Examples Gee's Bend quilting community, or knitting circles, ceramics studios, debate club, book club, sports teams or fans, church, artist communities, writer's communities, musician communities and bands, families, friendship circles, queer communities, political parties, environmental groups, study groups, parent/teachers associations, theatre communities and casts, I could go on forever, but do not want to turn into the guy talking about things that fold, you get it communities are everywhere and we all benefit from them and contribute to them. They are essential to the way we live our lives. Please write a bit about the community you choose to use as your theme for this project. Make a 4 inch by 4 Inch quilt square using fabric, sewing techniques, and any other materials you would like. Please use this small space you have to layer materials and techniques. This patch should represent one or many communities that you are a part of. This can be interpreted literally (using words and illustrative imagery.) or in an abstract way (using colors, and shapes to express your feelings about the community). Please take your time with this. This should take no less than 3-4 hours or work.

This quilt patch is a depiction of the toxic community I’ve seen and experienced. This is a fish with face and a head, which in Thai idiom ‘Mee Na Mee Da’ means someone that is ‘presentable’ or respectable often related to their status and power. This fish is concealed by a glorious wall, the identity of the fish remained unknown. The wall also represents the restrictions the fish has, despite having everything.