Flora Hu


Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Recycled Materials

Faculty: Micki Watanabe

Prompt: For this project, we took two symbols that defined how we think we perceive ourselves vs how others perceive us. Combining two symbols from those categories I developed the main focus on one final symbol, taking that symbol my classmates and I had to work with the material we found around the house and turn it into the symbol we came up with.To create a superhero costume embodying a theme: mutant, graphic, patriotic, armored, virile, paradoxical. The costume is to be made from recycled materials such as collected plastics, food wrappers, cartons, etc.

My superhero costume concept comes from the patriotic body, following patriotic ideals to the Ikea furniture store as a superior universe for purchasing furniture. The purpose of IkeaWoman is to spread the glory of Ikea furniture and protect the public from buying furniture elsewhere.

Her costume includes the reconstruction of an Ikea bag for the bodice, using the yellow plastic portion as the main covering and the bag handles as shoulder straps and edge linings. A shield is constructed out of a pool noodle and woven strips of a reusable grocery bag. The cape is also sewn from reusable grocery bags and showcases the swedish flag from which the ikea flag originates.

Following the colors of the Ikea and Swedish flag, the colors of IkeaWoman’s costume are yellow and blue.