Gia Bao Dang

Vision Through the Wondering Sight: La Collection de Memoire No.2

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Mix Media Collage, Denim, Paint, Vintage New York Time Papers, Embroidery, Foil

Faculty: Susan Cottle Alberto

Prompt: For this last project in this class, we got a chance to be introduce to collages arts. We get to learn how to create collages using different skills set Ms. Susan has taught. This is the collage project of this module.

Starting this project with the intention of continuing my theme for all of my class finals “Vision Through the Wondering Sight”, ” La Collection de Memoire” is my second piece of the collection. When I think of collages, I think of combining memories and image from different time and moment that happen on this earth. Doing so, we get a little trip wondering through these moments of times and era. With that in mind, I have used vintage New York Time news paper on top of an 18×24 in Canvas. Using paint and rocks I have collects from one of my research. I have used the rocks as my brush, deep it in paint and start to rub it on the canvas using different tone of black and grays. While the paint is still wet, I have lay down a few sheet of the news papers and rip them off, whatever stay on the canvas become the background based with hidden message. Using the concept of time, I have drawn on a clock with glue, then used foil to stick on. Then I brush off the foils leaving behind a slight in of time indicate the meaning of time washing through this piece of collage. T proceed to put in an actual clock engine behind the canvas so this collage piece could actually runs as a clock. Then I printed out my previous work for Studio seminar class on denim fabrics and attach it on the collages. Using actual threads of bead to give more dimension. The beads hang like paint drop giving this piece some movement. In the end, I wanted to give this piece a feeling of time traveling and also can works as a clock and not just a collages.