Gia Bao Dang

Vision Through the wondering Sight: La Vie En Rouge No.1

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Fashion Garment-Denim-Paint-Installation

Faculty: Jennifer Mazza

Prompt: This assignment will serve as initial research to explore all 4 Points of View (POV) in your neighbourhoods. Write an LP post including all 4 POV and a selection of your documentation for each POV - use the embed option for sound and video, use the gallery option for photos, also include written notes. For each of your chosen subjects below, document their environment with photo, written notes, video and sound recordings. Also keep in mind - how do you imagine your subject 'senses the world'?

Following the assignment using unique POV from neighborhood research. My POV was the traffic red light located at Flushing, Queens. Creating this looks using the inspiration from the vision of the red light, I imagine living live through Scarlet (a red tone) color glass. Including element from the neighborhood I was assign to research, I have create a mood board with graffit, paint, collage of different image I have taken from the neighborhood. Red was the main color of that neighborhood. AFter creating a mood board, I have come up with a few looks using not my design vision but instead, I imagine my vision was the traffic light. This 3 design was what the traffic light see everyday from it POV. Lastly I have chosen to create this looks using all of the element on the mood board like graffiti, splash paint, distress denim and embroidery. different length of hand beaded strings was used to replicated the paint dripping from all of the graffiti in that neighborhood. Bringing a literal street style fashion design from the traffic light POV. With some new skills set Ms. Jen has help me develop, I try to execute the vision to real life.