Glori Tseng

Found Fashion

Class of: 2024

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Collage illustration

Faculty: Tamar Samir

Prompt: Creating an accordion book with series of collage illustrations using found objects, which inspired by Martha Haversham and developing this technique according to the special personal story written in Seminar.

The story I wrote in Seminar class is about my unforgettable experience of Psychological disorder, namely spontaneous self-harm because of the past depressive school life at 13yrs old. In my Studio illustration series, I focus on the contrast of innocence as bodies with the objects which are important to my memories. All the objects are photos taken by myself. In the first maple leaf one, I applied the element of sharpness according to its edge and reflective highlights which can be a metaphor as a knife. In the second one, I chose earphones since it used to be the most important stuff for me when I was isolating myself from others. The third one I used blooming flowers to contrast with the suffocating atmosphere created by the gloves with chains. Also, in the fourth piece, I tore the math test sheet and made it crumple. Writing in red was for correcting answers based on school culture. In the next one, the reason I used copying sheet with “blood” relating to self-mutilation. In the last piece, applying withered organic symbol represents deterioration in irony and contrasting to the third flower.