Gloria Yuan

Deconstructed Utopia

Class of: 2020

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: a combination of multiple media(gif/epub, jpeg)

Faculty: Daina Mattis

Prompt: For this project, students are required to create a gif in photoshop based on another assigned student's idea of one's dreaming utopia. We also need to create a layout for the project.

This project takes a long time and it is a completed project which shows how to design. I first get an idea, then I need to visualize it, add appropriate elements in it, and pick elements for it. Then I learn skills that might be used in the project, trying from design with a single tool to design with several tools, and see what is the effect when combining them together.

Karishma is my assigned student in the class and she says her dreaming utopia is someplace like California. It is sunny, and it has elements like grass, beach, and farmland. So I try to sketch out the idea, the left is to make it work.

Since I am working on a narrative gif, I try to show the passing time by using several elements in the gif. For instance, the movement of the sun and the clouds, the growing of the grasses and trees, even the movement of the shadow behind the seashell according to the movement of the sun.

All the tools used in this project are new to me, I just learned them in class for this specific project, and I enjoy learning them. They are really cool and have a lot of possibilities.