Hanwei Su

Portable pencil case

Class of: 2022

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: a combination of multiple media

Faculty: Aaron Brashear

Prompt: In this project, we are asked to design packaging for a product we think is well designed. And the goal for this project is that the audience should be easy to reveal and understand what's in the box by looking at the design(typography and illustration.)The requirement is we are not allowed to use any name or logos of that product, as well as to make the shape of the package look like the product itself.

The product I’m choosing is Ipencil. Therefore, besides than designing a paper packaging for it, I want to create a case for it that serves not only as it’s packaging, but also a portable device which can perfect the product further. I’ve chosen to use 3D printing to make the case due to the delicacy of it. Since I’m a user of the Ipencil myself, I’ve noticed some imperfections of the product that I would like to improve. It’s quite unnoticeable, and it’s easy to lose. After some experiments, I found out that by embedding magnets into the cylinder case I designed, it interacts with the product successfully which gives the Ipencil a pulling force and a supporting force that fulfill my need of making it noticeable on a display. Also, the typography is the highlight of my design. When one twists around the upper part and bottom part of the cylinder case, it creates new keywords which describe the product. Last but not least, in order to make it portable, I embedded 2 small magnets on the top of the cylinder and leave space for a hook. As a result, this packaging is easy to know what’s the inside product, and it’s sustainable.