Ieva Lukyte


Class of: 2026

Major: Strategic Design and Management BBA

Medium: Photo/images

Faculty: Barbara Bordnick

Prompt: The assignment was to create portraits in different light and mood settings.

Since the assignment was called Light&Mood, I decided to create a photo series with overcast lighting as well as harsh direct sun. This photo specifically was made with the overcast lighting that helped to tune down shadows on the model’s face, giving an opportunity to see more of her overall facial features. My creative intention was to play with the model’s hair as a background, revealing her face and emotion. I intended the picture to be in black and white, so I carefully chose what kind of visual aspects would be shown in the picture (like the peak of the white shirt on the bottom right). Overall, I enjoyed this assignment, and I look forward to creating more photographs in the upcoming years at Parsons.