In Sun Hwang


Class of: 2023

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Painting

Faculty: Kate Teale

Prompt: For this project, we were to make work that we could imagine sitting at either MoMA, or PS1, or any other location of our choosing. The purpose of our final project was to get us to focus on identifying, researching, and developing an idea/question/problem that would lead us to a self-proposed project and body of work.

For my final project, I wanted to focus on the idea of home, which is particularly important to me as an international student and a time like this. I decided to do three paintings, representing the three countries I feel comfortable enough to call home: Canada, Korea, and NYC. Through the painting, I wanted to show the duration I lived there and how much these places feel like home. I did this by carefully choosing the photo reference, manipulating the clarity of the photo, and the saturation of the photo.

– The duration I lived there = the saturation of the photo

– How much it feels like home = clarity of the photo and where the photo reference was taken.

Most scenery paintings are painted horizontally, while portraits are taken vertically. This is said to be because when we view or talk to a person we tend to naturally focus on their eyes and the person letting the background fall away. In this piece, I wanted the background to be the main focus, so I decided to paint my photos vertically.