Iryna Baran


Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Video, installation

Faculty: Adrienne Reynolds

Prompt: In this assignment, I had to work on a topic I have chosen in the Integrative Seminar 1 class. My topic is feminism and patriarchy. The key idea was material exploration.

This work shows feminism and patriarchy. Both feminism and patriarchy are very relevant. One of the main issues is that in Ukraine, society’s patriarchal structure still exists, and I feel like more people should talk about it and contribute to changes. The title “Metamorphosis” shows society’s transformation and how feminism can lead to this positive transformation. In the video, the process of metamorphosis begins as the doors open. All the interactions with the material in the video represent the process of transformation.

Materials and symbolic meaning:

Room with doors – cardboard painted with metallic spray paints, symbolizes masculinity, and women being trapped inside as metal is a solid material. Parchment paper – all the expectations; women shouldn’t do that, women shouldn’t be like that, etc. Flower petals – foam paper, very soft but at the same time hard to rip, symbolizes women. Sprout inside the flower – symbolizes the cycle of life, the process of metamorphosis. Threads – symbolize control over women in a patriarchal society. Fake flowers (decoration) – symbolize nature