Isabel Wu


Class of: 2023

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Video, textile, pattern making, garment making

Faculty: Martina Kohler and Maria Elena Pombo Reyes

Prompt: Create a work that is related to how I am affected by Covid-19.

After arriving home, I was faced with a studio assignment of categorizing a few objects that had been fundamental to me during these times, and perhaps base a project on one of their personal values. But I wasn’t able to pick just one or two. I had come home with one bag, and it was filled with everything I needed to guard myself against my fears. When I started to morph my concept into a concrete project, I decided to make what I would call “THE PANDEMIC SLACKS”. They would provide me with all that was important to me during my travels: passport, wallet, vitamins, a family photo, and of course, a tape measure for six feet distancing.

As my project began to build momentum, I realized that I wanted to charge it with more meaning. I made a loom and wove my own textile not only as an enjoyable experiment but also as an exploration within the course of Space + Materiality. From there I incorporated almost everything Space and Integrated Studio had taught me over the semester– wire, sewing, moodboards, moulding– into creating a pair of pants that would save me in the time of a pandemic.