Isabella Wachsler

Dial Back to the 70s

Class of: 2022

Major: Illustration BFA

Medium: Digital illustration

Faculty: Catherine Teale

Prompt: For this assignment our task was to create a memorial located within New York.

Integrative Studio

Integrative Seminar

I chose to create a memorial to CBGB, which was a music venue and club in the East Village and most notably recognized as the birthplace of American punk music. With this piece I wanted to create a memorial with the ability to bring people back to CBGB, regardless of whether or not they experienced it themselves. The memorial itself is a payphone located where CBGB was, which would play the music that was made popular there. I chose illustration to depict my memorial because I felt as though it allowed me to create a world within each drawing, as well as add character that I felt a physical model could not achieve. The drawings are all done digitally on Photoshop and show the location of the memorial, what the memorial would look like, and how people would interact with it.