Jack Yuan

The Breath Beneath

Class of: 2027

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Video, Plastic, Foam, Plants, Soil, Acrylic

Faculty: Bryan Melillo

Prompt: Bridge 4 - Research Project Description: Students will research and investigate historical or contemporary events, processes and/or systems that create or reinforce oppression (including dumbing down populations, racism (and the inherent accompanying stereotypes), unfair punishment, prohibition of freedom of speech/press, controlling economics in neighborhoods specifically to keep people poor, etc.).* These structures or systems indoctrinate and normalize perception and stereotypes in a way that enables what is referred to as “othering”. You begin this research in Seminar. In Studio you develop your research further through art + design research methods. The final outcome is the development of a project that critiques and transforms your chosen and researched oppression by unveiling, educating and ultimately empowering self, others, and possibly the greater community we are enmeshed in.

“The Breath Beneath” is an art project that challenges us to face the realities of air pollution and plastic waste. Featuring a suit with a clear helmet filled with plants and arm-mounted cylinders, it presents a future where personal ecosystems are essential for survival in a polluted world. This project not only serves as a stark visual reminder of the environmental crises we face but also as a call to action, urging us to rethink our daily choices and move towards sustainable living for a healthier planet.