Jada Chen

Knockout Knockoffs

Class of: 2023

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Graphic illustration of fashion collection and essay

Faculty: Scherezade Garcia-Vazquez and Krista Johansson

Prompt: To write an argumentative essay that uses research as support for your point of view. The topic may address our time, the pandemic, and its impact on fashion, a specific time period, a design, a style, or an issue that resonates with you personally. Please choose a specific angle on your topic and write on something that you are interested in examining in-depth for both seminar and studio. I chose the research plagiarism or close-copying within the fashion industry because as a designer, I’m constantly drawing inspiration and referencing other designs and art in my own work. From my research, I learned that modifying prints typically means making at least five changes, or there must be at least a 20 percent difference in the adapted design. This collection serves as an experiment to demonstrate that one can use integrated, pre-existing designs and graphics within a new, original design.