Jasmine Kan

The Ingredients of my Sanity

Class of: 2024

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: Video and photo stills

Faculty: Matt Whitman

Prompt: For this assignment, we could either revisit a concept we discussed in class or a previous project and extend/ revise it.

I titled this video “The Ingredients of my Sanity” and it’s essentially my mind in video form. So it’s slightly chaotic at all times, has a hint of existential dread in the background, as well as imposter syndrome, especially about creativity. Oh, and a lot of tangents are represented both metaphorically and literally by the post-it notes. The post-it note shots interrupt others and feel out of place, representing how my brain spits out random thoughts and ideas all the time. And the sticky notes are literally where I write all these tangents down. I also experimented more with sound, for instance, recording my clock ticking and stacking that audio to create an irregular rhythm.