Jayi Wong

StarFish Top

Class of: 2025

Major: Fine Arts BFA

Medium: Fish Skin Waste

Faculty: Jamie Kruse

Prompt: The assignment required us to make a 10 year long life design. We were instructed to use all the skills we've learned over the year to create a project that would provide joy and functionality to our lives on a regular basis for over ten years. This project invited us to truly think about sustainable systems by preventing unnecessary/excess materials from entering the waste stream and support Environmental Justice over the next 10 years. To be truly sustainable with the material and process of our work.

Garment made out of fish skin and naturally dyed with beet roots. I sourced the fish skin from a local fish monger who was going to throw it away (50% of fish caught for human consumption gets discarded which results in 32 million tons of waste and most of that being fish skin- no extra energy was used to provide this material!) – and skinned any remaining flesh on the fish, processed/disinfected it, dyed it, dried it, hand sewed it, and then sculpted it onto my body.