Jayna Choksi

Myths and Legends

Class of: 2025

Major: Communication Design BFA

Medium: A combination of mixed media- watercolors and printmaking

Faculty: Alaiyo Bradshaw

Prompt: At the beginning of this assignment, we were given multiple Greek myths and Native American legends to read and choose from, of which we would sketch any part of the story, that would mimic how we individually view these tales. We would later go on to etch these images onto drypoint plastic or plexiglass, using drypoint needles: a twisted scribe and diamond point needle. This was followed by an inking process, that would produce prints. Once dried, we would paint these prints with watercolors, allowing for a dynamic and multi-layered representation of the myths and legends.

The piece created for this assignment is a mixed media artwork that combines printmaking and watercolor painting. The artwork consists of four prints, each representing a different myth or legend: “Orpheus and Eurydice,” “Demeter and Persephone,” “Cochiti or Coyote Spills the Stars,” and “The Crow-Girl.” The prints were etched onto plexiglass for drypoint plastic using a twisted scribe or a diamond point needle, and then inked and printed using an etching press. The prints were later painted with watercolors to enhance their visual impact. The creative intention behind this piece was to visually interpret and capture the essence of each myth and legend in a way that reflected the artist’s personal perspective. The choice of Greek myths, Native American legends, and an Indian folk tale provided a diverse range of narratives to explore. The artist aimed to convey the themes of love, loss, transformation, and the connection between humans and nature through their illustrations. The use of printmaking techniques, such as etching and inking, added texture and depth to the prints, emphasizing the mythical and symbolic nature of the stories. The addition of watercolor painting further enhanced the visual storytelling, bringing vibrant colors and subtle nuances to the prints. The process of creating these prints involved extensive primary research and experimentation on the selected myths and legends, as well as experimentation with different etching techniques and ink application methods. The artist’s exploration of line work, composition, and contrast informed their decision-making during the printmaking process.Overall, this project successfully fulfilled the given assignment by integrating the chosen myths and legends with the artist’s personal interpretation through printmaking and watercolor painting. The result is a series of visually compelling artworks that capture the essence of these ancient narratives while adding a contemporary touch through the use of mixed media techniques.