Jeffery Sang

Asians are Good at Math

Class of: 2024

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Film

Faculty: Michie Pagulayan

Prompt: Select a historical event that is a reflection of a moment in personal history. Choose a subject matter that resonates with you. Develop a 3- minute documentary film and treatment based on your research and including its relationship to your history coordinated with Seminar classwork.

Asians Are Good at Math is about trying to find an identity growing up Asian in a Western world. It documents my experiences as a child wanting to play in the NBA while facing the challenges involved. I initially wanted to make a film about the Toronto Raptors winning their first NBA Championship because it was a source of national pride, but I found that by dissecting the event to look at Jeremy Lin’s career spoke to me more. Basketball is growing in popularity for many Asian Americans, but Lin was one of the few to make it into the league and with so much adversity. I attended one of his conferences at a church last year and I remember him describing how difficult it was to get to where he is in terms of racism, stereotyping, and cultural differences. I knew a lot of Asian Americans face the same challenges everyday and although it isn’t talked about much, it can be frustrating after many encounters. The truth is that Asian Americans continually face outdated stereotypes to this day but Jeremy Lin gives many young kids hope that they can prove these stereotypes wrong.