Jenny Gao

The Masquerade Mask

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Bristol Paper

Faculty: Michael Tong

Prompt: Creation of a Masquerade Mask using Bristol paper with inspirations from an AI-generated poem. The mask should contain black and white drawings and or text over its surface and multiple three-dimensional elements.

The design combines organic (shellfish, coral, wave) and geometric structures (machines) as metaphors for present, future, and past.

Where the natural image of a beach is replaced by industrial ports, the narrator is astonished by the humanistic magic that brought another kind of beauty to this island, while missing the place in her childhood memory.

Here’s the poem by ChatGTP:

Steel Symphony: Echoes of Seaside Dreams

Beneath the pallid canvas, steel and ash do play, Where sunbeams pierce through heavy clouds, dreams hold sway. Machinery in graceful dance, where once the hands would toil, In orange blaze ‘gainst ashen skies, a testament to toil.

Oh, this modern marvel, a symphony of steel, Where echoes of the past, and futures yet unreal. Astonished soul in twilight’s grasp, beholds the grand parade, In this metropolis of dreams, where memories won’t fade.

No man’s touch, just whispers low, of gears and engines’ thrum, The pulse of progress strong and true, in this industrial drum. Towers rise like ancient giants, their forms a silhouette, Against the canopy of afterglow, a sight I shan’t forget.

Yet ‘mongst the yum of industry, a distant call does ring, Of childhood shores and salty air, where waves used to sing. A touch of longing, soft and sweet, for days that used to be, A beach of youth, a simpler time, a memory set free.

In sepia tones, those days reside, where seagulls took their flight, And laughter danced upon the shore, in the golden fading light. But here I stand, in awe and pride, amidst this steel and grace, Where breeze kissed the shore, and all dreams get embrace.

So let the giants and city stand, a fusion of stories that time cannot steal. In the twilight’s embrace, a symphony of progress in a complex land.