Jessie Batzel


Prompt: Using Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society, by Raymond Williams, and in collaboration with your seminar Bridge 2 assignment, select an additional 10 words form the text and follow a thought path of research using fine art and public databases/ resources. Allow this research to be deep and rich. Now, take your current research to your lived space — collecting digital and physical materials from a variety of sources and building an archive of digital and physical things. You will then create a serial body of work — no less than 10 pieces — from your materials. This stage will be for sketching, drawing, mocking-up, and building templates.

When we look at our reflections, we tend to fix ourselves. Fix our hair, our makeup, our clothes, to make sure we look presentable. We want to look “correct”. A study by the National Library of Medicine found that staring at one’s reflection in a mirror for a just few minutes produced a distorted view of one’s face, in which they see more deformations than before. Imagine this on a larger scale, such as a Zoom meeting, which often goes on for at least 30 minutes. With the Covid-19 pandemic, video chat has become more prominent, and thus we are more often forced to look at our reflections in the camera, and thus become more self-conscious of our appearance.