Jiazhen Luo

From Flame to Ash: An Anorexic's Descent

Class of: 2026

Major: Design and Technology BFA

Medium: Video

Faculty: Jennifer Mazza

Prompt: Working with your B4 seminar paper as script, you will create a short film in the Essay Film form. In preparation: We will discuss in class what makes a film an essay film. You will be required to analyze films for their essay film qualities. You will then be expected to utilize these strategies directly in your own film. In addition to relying on the B4 seminar paper as script, you will also be asked to showcase yourself as a creative maker in this film. For this purpose, I encourage you to use some of your B3 documentation for your footage - but you may also use other footage you collect or make for this purpose. Film length: 3-5 minutes suggested

I produced an Essay Film incorporating my seminar paper on traditional Chinese culture regarding food and eating disorders in Chinese adolescents, in which I produced an experimental Essay Film with a first-person perspective focusing on the impact of aesthetics on anorexia.