Jimin Baek

Will I ever be enough?

Class of: 2025

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Clothing

Faculty: Michelle Nahum-Albright

Prompt: A general area of interest to a specific research topic and concept for a final outcome and related in some way to the class core concept Clothing as Culture

I explored the negative impact of extreme Korean female beauty standards on the mental wellbeing of a person through a modern interpretation of Hanbok, the traditional Korean Clothing. I focused on the feeling of pressure and suffocation one feels through bandage details wrapped around the chest and dark ominous hands printed on the bottom of the dress, acting as a metaphor and giving the illusion of the hands dragging the wearer down. The outerwear, cheul-lik, was designed to go over the head covering the mouth to add to the element of suffocation and inability to speak out against the toxic beauty standards.