Jiyoon Ham

The things what I feel..

Class of: 2024

Major: Product Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture

Faculty: Freya Powell

Prompt: Each student will be working on their own to create a “chapter” for a collective book responding to the title "Myself in Time." You will be responsible for creating 6-7 spreads (12-14) pages that can be made up of text and image, text as image, or image.

The sculptures under the theme “Things I Feel” are a collection of what I feel about nature in my daily life these days. Recently, I have only been at home or in my neighborhood due to Covid-19, and these daily changes have allowed me to feel more delicate and deeper about the nature that I have missed because of my busy daily life in the past. There was a limit to expressing what I felt through  ve senses from nature in words or pictures. Therefore, I made the sculpture using materials obtained from nature such as branches and leaves. Everything in my chapter is a record of what I see, hear, and feel about the nature that exists today. What I felt today was neither in the past nor in the future. I suddenly thought, “What if the nature that I communicate and love disappears?” “If this beautiful nature disappears in the future, can I feel it again through the work I express?” At that time, I was suddenly inspired by the fact that when I looked at the album with pictures of the past, I could remember the emotions, moods, and smells of the past. I decided to make my own album, not a photo album. Because I was sure that in the future, I would feel the emotions I felt in nature again when I watched this album.