Jodi Tay

Self Diagnosing

Class of: 2027

Major: Fashion Design BFA

Medium: Baltic birch plywood, cast acrylic, pill capsules

Faculty: Margie Neuhaus

Prompt: Create a container to hold an object, concept or memory that is special to you, or create a container as a portrait of a specific person. It may be a portrait based on a person you know well or a person from history that you have researched or know a lot about their life.

For this assignment, I had to create a container using wood that held an object, concept, or memory that is special to me. I chose to explore the concept of feelings and how people contain their emotions to either protect themselves or the people around them. To showcase this idea, I created a medicine box, each section with an emotion assigned to it, which I filled with pills as a metaphor for how feelings, similar to drugs, can be healing yet damaging to one’s health. To further elaborate on the theme of emotions, I decided to laser engrave the words of a short story about the ups-and-downs of a relationship, which I wrote in a previous class. I purposely altered the size of certain words to put emphasis on the connotation which those words have, as well as to draw my audience in.