Joey Farrell

Shopping Cart Chair

Class of: 2024

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Sculpture/Furniture

Faculty: Derek Haffar

Prompt: For this assignment, "Actions to relate to oneself", we were prompted to have a look at Richard Serra's studio verb list and choose a particular action to investigate using available materials from home.

This initial shopping cart chair idea came to me months ago while still on campus in Manhattan. I figured I would eventually pursue it as a personal project at home. I left this idea on the back burner until this project was assigned. I read “to join” from Richard Serra’s verb list and instantly thought back to this idea. The whole idea of the shopping cart chair was to use the exposed metal rods as a part of the joinery. So, I naturally used this prompt as a means to pursue this joinery-based idea, especially since I’m home during the “virtual learning” we’re doing and have access to some power tools.

I deconstructed a locally-sourced shopping cart using an angle grinder until I had a usable seat-like piece as well as a shelf/stabilizing piece. I then cut six two-foot pieces from a few scrap 2x6s and screwed those together. Once the wooden sides were done, I measured the distance between each metal rod and drilled holes in the side pieces to fit the metal pieces into. Finally, I drilled the holes for the stabilizing piece (doubles as a shelf) into the midsection of the seat and put it together. This was difficult to calculate perfectly, so I sort of winged it by lining up the piece next to the wood and marking where the metal points would sit.

I am by no means a carpenter or metalsmith, so this chair is somewhat janky and more of an art piece than a functional seat. It is stable enough to sit on, however. This project was very enjoyable, satisfying, and something I may revisit in the future.

Please note that the main premise of this project was the joinery method. I did not intend to retain the characteristics of a shopping cart.