Jordan Fong

Save Myself

Class of: 2026

Major: Integrated Design BFA

Medium: Digital

Faculty: Charlotte Shulz

Prompt: For our Merged Self-Portrait project, we learned about different archetypes and reimagined ourselves as our desired character archetypes with a photographic self-portrait.

chose the two figures of a hero and a damsel in distress because they have qualities I admire and seek to utilize in my life. Heroes are the most common characters and are admired for their courage and ability to fight against any issue. Being able to step out of my comfort zone to achieve something greater would enhance my life, creating more opportunities for me to branch out and become a better person. We grow stronger and determine our strengths and limits by facing and overcoming obstacles. Damsels in distress are often seen as less desirable since they are often weak and helpless. However, their ability to seek help and show their emotions is a valuable skill to have. Being vulnerable and open takes a lot of courage because it is a sign of weakness which often feels unnatural or shameful. Damsels in distress are more connected with their emotions and can recognize them and reach out to those that can help. They also have grace and beauty that are admirable and attractive. People want to help them because they are open and approachable. Although they seek solutions to their problems, they often go to others first. Therefore, I am inspired to be a more rounded character by combining a hero’s courage and bold characteristics with the insight and transparency of a damsel in distress. Heroes inspire me to confront issues boldly whilst damsels in distress remind me to be approachable and emotionally grounded. I thus created a merged self-portrait of me saving myself, adding comedic elements to push the message through. I was initially afraid of being too upfront and cliche, but my professor pushed me to be direct with my visuals to contextualize the situation.