Julia Kim

The Things You Say

Class of: 2027

Major: Interior Design BFA

Medium: Typography

Faculty: Erica Ammann

Prompt: Interview Collage Texts: Focusing on how to blur the notion of authorship and engage with each other’s experiences and ideas. After conducting my interview about my partner’s life (Cora), and significant memories, I created a collage text that incorporates language from Cora and I’s interview.

My project, “The Things You Say,” was approached with the inspiration of the novel format “The House of Leaves” by Mark Z. Danielewski. His confusing layout of each page with obscurity was what I thought was the perfect way to convey Cora and I’s interview. This interview was very informal and became pretty personal after a few minutes. I wanted to capture this intense feeling and confusion of fear. And a reflection of childhood memories, mostly of their bad. I wouldn’t want to say childhood trauma, but label it as memories of learning at an impressionable age. I used the transcript of our conversation in the most vulgar way possible to express how we talked through these recordings.

My questions were placed on a staircase to express how I, as the interviewer, thought methodically in chronological order. Although, at first, I did not know what the theme of this interview would be, a small part of our 23-minute conversation talked about our pet peeves, fear, and anger. This is what I believed was the first time that I captured Cora’s personal experience firsthand. Overall, this project has let me understand who Cora is and her character. Although we spent much time together before, this led me to believe that I would like to keep her as a long-term friend throughout college.